Extreme couponing

Save yourself the hassle and get the best deals from professionals

TLC's Extreme couponing series might have caught your interest. These people definitely know how to get the best bargains and buy in bulk with minimal of money. These people save hundred dollar bills in one trip to the store. But this is not something impossible and you too can perform this 'amazing feat of saving'! The secret to saving is extreme couponing.


With extreme couponing you can avail up to 70, 80 and even 90% savings. While some return home remorsefully with long grocery bills, others adopt a smarter way to shopping and make use of free printable coupons for amazing savings in grocery shopping.

Gear up your place for extra space to accommodate bulk products when going for extreme couponing. Coupons yield greatest returns when you buy in bulk. Great deals don't often get thrown your way and you should stock up to make the best of these deals. It saves you gas money and the hassle of making multiple trips to the store.

Get hold of loads of free printable coupons to start your extreme couponing shopping spree. The best thing about free printable coupons is you can search great deals product wise anytime. You do not have to stock up on loads of newspapers or get weekend subscriptions to search for deals. Free printable coupons can be printed anytime and as much as you want. This makes life much easier than you going through all the newspapers!

Make sure you get the lingo on free printable coupons. For instance, OYNO means On Your Next Order. Others are MIR and BOGO, meaning Mail-in Rebate and Buy One Get One, respectively.

Do not go for every other coupon unless the saving is substantial. Check out the typical price of the product to see if the bargain is worth going for.

Organize your coupons to help you avail them before expiring. You can do it product wise or date wise. Make sticky notes on your computer or on the calendar on the fridge door so you don't miss out that great pizzeria deal that you were waiting for some time.

When going extreme couponing, make yourself familiar with the marketplace. There will be check-in people who might create less of a hassle and mind the drill less than others.

Know the online coupon policies of stores. If any dispute occurs in transactions you can always show the relevant policy.

With these rules, you are good to go for extreme couponing!

Extreme couponing


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